• PhD at Fotonik Engineering, Technical University of Denmark; 2019 – 2021; Perceptual Evaluation of Immersive Audio-Visual Quality
  • M.Sc in Building Physics and Acoustics; Institut Teknologi Bandung; 2016 – 2018; Thesis: Understanding ICU Sonic Environment for Nursing Education by Using Auditory Virtual Reality
  • Associate Student; School of Computing, Sciences and Engineering, the University of Salford; 2017; Acoustics, Audio and Video
  • Exchange Student; Queensland University of Technology; 2016; Technology and Start-Up Ecosystem
  • B.Eng in Engineering Physics; Universitas Gadjah Mada; 2010 – 2015; Thesis: Potential Study of Acoustic Emission Technique for Water Pipeline Leakage Detection

Seminars & Training

  • Training on Energy Building – Environment, Energy and Maritime, held by Centre for Development of Sustainable Region (CDSR) – USAID SHERA Project, 20 – 21 August 2018
  • Building Energy Simulation Training, held by Centre for Development of Sustainable Region (CDSR) – USAID SHERA Project, 19 – 21 April 2018
  • Summer School Digital Tectonics – Built Environment Design in the Era of Computation, held by School of Architecture, Policy and Urban Planning, Institut Teknologi Bandung, 16 – 29 July 2018
  • Adhiwijogo Lecture Series – The role of building physics in Sustainable Development in Indonesia 2018
  • Special Lecture by Prof Jeong-Guon Ih (KAIST) – Noise and Vibration Issues in Electrical Vehicles 2018
  • International Conference on Accessibility in Film, Television, and Interactive Media, the University of York, York, UK 2017
  • iARG TME System Visiting Lecture, held by Physics Department of Sebelas Maret University 2016
  • iARG – Bruel & Kjaer Room Acoustics Workshop held by Sebelas Maret University 2015

Research Interest

  • Acoustics and Audio Engineering. Specialist areas: spatial audio recording and reproduction; audio signal processing; virtual audio configurations over headphone; listening test; soundscape and noise mapping; acoustics measurement, modeling and computer simulation. Relevant areas: building performance simulation for lighting (artificial and daylight), thermal and humidity concerning to occupants’ comfort.

Skills & Interests

  • Microsoft Office, 3D design software (Sketch Up, AutoCAD), CATT-Acoustic, YMEC Real-time Analyzer, REAPER + decoder plug-ins (for FOA, Binaural, XY, MS, 7.1/5.1 with head tracking), Audacity, SPSS, Virtual reality engines (Unity, Steam VR & Audio, GVR, HTC Vive)
    MATLAB, COMSOL (Acoustic pressure and thermal modules), EASE, Ecotect, Insul, Adobe Audition, Surfer (noise mapping), website design
  • Technical: Instrument calibration, RIR measurement and analysis, field and laboratory measurement, subjective assessment, creation VR environment, signal processing, 360 image and video reproduction

Book Authors

Kajian Metode Pengukuran Akustik Ruang: Studi Kasus di Indonesia

Description, Review and Study Cases
SS Utami, J Sarwono, RF Fela

Menelusur Jejak Implementasi Konsep Bangunan Hijau dan Pintar di Kampus Biru

Description, Review and Case Studies 2013 – 2015
SS Utami, RF Fela, DD Avoressi, RJ Yanti